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Location and Topography

Sayo Town is located in the West Harima area of Hyogo Prefecture. To the west of Sayo is Okayama Prefecture. To Sayo's east are Shiso City and Tatsuno City. On the south side is Kamigori Town.

Sayo's area is 307.51km². It makes up approximately 3.7% of Hyogo Prefecture.

Sayo is approximately 40km from Himeji City and 80km from Kobe City. It takes about one hour to reach Himeji City using the JR Kishin Rail Line.

Sayo is on the eastern end of the central Japan mountain range. The mountain range in Sayo is the West Harima range. The Chikusa river flows through the center of Sayo from north to south.

In the north of Sayo, first Mt. Hinakura and then Mt. Gosikiyama, Mt. Takahachi, and Mt. Dannohira all rise above 600m high.

Due to a range of hills, the central portion of Sayo is made up of river valleys, with villages and farm land dispersed through out. Sayo has little flat land, so most of Sayo is made up of mountains and forests. (Forests occupy 81.0% and Arable Land is 6.8%)

Again, in the south Sayo Town, Tatsuno City, and Kamigori Town all share Harima Science Garden City.
Amongst an abundant natural environment lines SPring 8 (The world's largest synchrotron radiation facility), Hyogo Prefectural University, High School, and Jr. High School. All of these schools have been collected for the purpose of furthering research. In the realms health preservation, welfare, medical treatment and education there are also the Ion Beam Medical Center, Hyogo Prefectural Nishi-Harima School for Students with Special Needs, and the General Rehabilitation Center.

This area is a point where technology industries and scientific and academic research have been centered and excelled. It is also a place that aims to be an international technological city with a comfortable living environment. To that end Sayo Town will play an important role in it's further development.

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